Sample evaluation method

ecomaru removes dirt from molding machine all over for every 1(one) Shot.

As such, the color of purging waste (dango=dumpling) will be changed gradually. It is a feature of the newly born purging pellet (cleaning agent) realizing incredible detergency never before, but never due to poor detergency .

black dots defects

Please evaluate the impact for reducing black dots defects

At the first cleaning more cleaning agents shall be used, because it is cleaning the left over materials which were not able to be removed before.

Injection mold dango (=dumpling)

Things to be aware of when evaluating the number of waste (dango=dumpling)

It might cause some misunderstandings like “not removed” for evaluating number of waste (dango=dumpling). Since more cleaning agent is used at the first time cleaning. Please do cleaning until it becomes purge color, and evaluate by the change on defect rate after molding started.

This is the feature PC resin "black" cleaning

PC resin "black" cleaning

Precautions for using

Purging agent discharge supplement


  • Using AS resin. It might cause molding defects unless it is completely discharged after cleaning. Since AS resin has good wettability with metal. Especially when after material is transparent resin, utmost care and attention need to be paid.
  • Please use PP / PE (MFR5 ~ 10) for cleaning twice , and plan to do optimization under your environment by using it at the same amount as that of purging pellet (cleaning agent) as a guideline.
  • When replacing it with transparent material, the amount of using PP / PE is 1.5 times more than the amount of purging pellet (cleaning agent) used as a guideline.
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