FAQ(Frequently Aked Questions) about high cleaning purge pellet (cleaning agent) “ecomaru” are listed for your reference.

There are chances glass fiber to be clogged. Please do not use it for hot runner mold.

Please ask waste disposal company who has a license from prefectural governor and or local government for its disposal treatment.

There are chances burning and or smoke might occur when it is used over the upper limit (maximum) operating temperature. Please be sure to use it within its operating temperature range.

There are chances the mold machine will be overloaded for using below the lower limit (minimum) operating temperature. Please be sure to use it within its operating temperature range.

Please do not reuse it. Since it will have an impact on its cleaning effect (going down).

Glass in cleaning agent might have a negative impact on grinder.

All grades are available for samples. As a general rule, one bag (3 kg) is provided. However, maximum two bags will be supplied at free of charge subject to the situation and requirements from customers.

If you need to have more samples than the above, your requirements will be discussed and considered.

It is possible as far as the resin is applicable and matches the operating temperature range of ecomaru.

The key is to discharge after cleaning. The trial shot amount is approx. 1.5 to 2 times the amount of cleaning agent (ecomaru) loaded.

It is recommended to confirm ashing if necessary.

Please immediately stop using it and get in touch with us at your convenience !

Yes. However, the impact is minimal compared to that of the cleaning agent mixing GF. Please get in touch with us if you use ecomaru for the first time.

Retention is prohibited even for a short period of time. Immediately replace it with another resin without glass, please.

It cannot be used because it might be leading to the machine failure from the glass fiber being cooling solidification.

It cannot be used because the glass fiber might cause potential problems due to its being clogging in the runner or cooling solidification.

Fundamentally it is cleaning agent dedicated to injection molding machine.

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