Cleaning method recommendations

To use both automatic purge and short purge jointly is recommended.

Short purge is a method for repeating “less measurement/weighning” and “high-speed injection”.

[Cleaning operation example]

  1. Cleaning the prior material by ecomaru using either by automatic purge or rotation purge and confirm the total discharged amount.
  2. For automatic purge, switch the setting to short purge in the above from the 4th shot. (when cleaning is insufficient, please add ecomaru.)
  3. After cleaning is completed, ecomaru should be completely discharged and replaced by post-material or PP for discharge.
  4. Confirm there are no abnormalities for appearances, etc. on the molded product.
    * Please change the temperature AFTER ecomaru discharging replacement is completed after cleaning.
    * There are chances it may not be possible to be used by hydraulic machines or older electric motors.

About purging pellet discharging

About cleaning method "Injection molding machine" Automatic purging method

Pre-resin discharge


ecomaru input

Injection purge

After resin input

Precautions for usage

Handling precautions

For usage

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