Proposals for color change and resin change

Preventing color stains before happens
Achieving high detergency and good removal property at the same time

For injection molding, color change and material switching are important processes having great impacts on production cost and quality of molding products. Causing molding defects If the prior material is not completely discharged and is mixing in the molding product. As such, those processes are critical and important, although those are considered not directly associated with production.

Introducing the roles of purging pellet for color change and resin change for injection molding here.

A case showing the color of previous resin appears in the subsequent resin even though cleaning should have been done with some purging agent.

Issues for color change and resin change at injection molding production sites

ecomaru has particularly strong detergency,
It is effective for color residues and color stains .

Co-material replacement VS purging material

ekomaru has particularly strong detergency and is effective against color residue and color stains .
Co-material replacement VS purging material

Evaluated the detergency of ecomaru for the color change. The color change from black to transparent for PC (polycarbonate) by 80-ton injection molding machine. High-cleaning type GWS ecomaru was used. The result was the black color was not seen and not identified at all, whereas it was clearly remained and identified after the replacement of co-materials, and the amount of waste was reduced by 36%.

Verification conditions◇ Resin type: PC
◇ Molding machine capacity: 80 tons
◇ Grade: GWS
Evaluation contentsColor change [black ⇒ transparent]

Co-material replacement

When molded after replacement, black color appears on the sprue

Co-material replacement
Co-material replacement

Purge pellet ecomaru

No color stains can be seen and identified

Purging pellet ecomaru
Purging pellet ecomaru

Problem-solving cases

Case studyResin change / color change
Verification conditions◇ Grade: GWS
◇ Resin used: PP, ABS, POM
VerificationPurging is done when changing resins from PP to ABS, from POM to ABS, etc. and for changing colored resins like black, red, blue, etc. to white resins.
evaluationHigher detergency and superior release property than those of current purging agents
Case studyImprovement on color remaining problem
Verification conditions◇ Grade: GWS
◇ Resin used: PA66 [Black]
Verification[1] After cleaning by GWS, re-cleaning by the current (other company's) purging agent
→ The purging was completed properly without any coloring on the current purging agent.
[2] After cleaning by the current purging agent, re-cleaning by GWS
→ Coloring occurs on GWS. Purging was done well.
evaluationThe usage amount can be reduced compared to that of the current purging agent.
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