What is purging pellet “ecomaru” ?

High cleaning purging pellet for black dots defects

Reducing black dots defects! Features of the purging pellet "ecomaru"

Explaining the features of ecomaru, comparison with other purging agents, and the reasons why black dots defects can be reduced in accordance with use cases by customers.

Resin color change

Proposals for color change and resin change

It improves color residue problems, etc. due to its high detergency and excellent release property. "ecomaru," cleaning agent mixing cotton-like glass fiber

Purging method recommendations

Cleaning method recommendations

Our cleaning method recommendations, combined use of automated purge and short purge. Introducing purging method pulling out ecomaru's cleaning power

Grade and corresponding resin

Grade and corresponding resin

Explaining the grade of ecomaru and proposing how to use ecomaru in accordance with the purpose and resin used.

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