Example of disassembly and cleaning

Introducing an example for improving production efficiency by using ecomaru, a high-cleaning purging pellet .

Examples on improvement for production efficiency

Resin change / color change

Grade: GWP
Resin used: PP, ABS, POM

Cleaning status

Purging is performed when changing resins from PP to ABS, from POM to ABS, and from colored resins such as black, red, and blue to white resins.

Customer evaluation

Detergency is higher and removal is better than the current purging agent.

Cleaning evaluation

Grade: GWS
Resin used: PA66 [black]

(1) After cleaning by GWS, re-cleaning with the current (other company’s) purging agent

  • The current purging agent is not colored and can be purged properly with GWS.

(2) After cleaning by the current purging agent, re-cleaning by GWS

  • Coloring occurs on GWS. It was confirmed that the color remained with the current purging agent.

Customer evaluation (status after introduction)

  • The usage amount was reduced compared to that of the current purging agent.
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