Examples of cost reduction improvements

Introducing an example for improving cost reduction by using ecomaru, a high cleaning purging pellet .
Examples of cost reduction improvements

Unification of purging agents

Grade: GWS
Resin used: PC flame retardant, ABS, PBT

Cleaning status

  • Used in combination with no glass and purging agent with glass
  • When block dots are very bad, disassembling and cleaning every time.

Customer evaluation

Since the glass pullability has improved considerably, we have been able to have only one purging agent (pellet) for our usage.

Co-material replacement vs purging pellet

Grade: GWS
Molding machine capacity: 80t
Resin type: PC
Color change [black ➡ transparent]

Co-material replacement

When molded after replacement, black color appears on sprue

Co-material replacement

Purging pellet ecomaru

No color stains can be seen

Purging pellet ecomaru
About half

Molding for Home appliance products

Grade: GWS
Resin type: ABS
Molding machine capacity: 350 tons
Color change "brown ➡ white"
Cost reduction
Environmental improvement

Customer evaluation

  • Conventionally, purging twice with another cleaning agent, because the residue of glass fiber was concerned for the cleaning agent mixing GF.
    ecomaru can be switched by simply throwing it away with the subsequent resin after purging, and a significant cost reduction has been realized .
  • The large machine having a lot of smokes, so I was working while paying attention to fire alarm. ecomaru has a small amount of smokes only and is very good. odor’s getting very few as well .
Cleaning agent cost

Reduction effect [total cost]

Reduction impact [total cost]
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